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Car loans and credit scores: the lowdown

Personal (unsecured) car loans – As the name suggests and in contrast to a secured car loan, a personal/unsecured car loan is where the lender doesn’t have any claim against your vehicle if you miss repayments. If you find yourself in the ‘Below average’ category but are in need of a new car, all is…

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Volvo cars

Мій Volvo. Sign up for a consultation at a convenient time Select the department you need and leave your contact details below All rights reserved Osinniy Pit Stop Official service Volvo Car – Kiev Airport will provide you with special advice for carrying out the seasonal conversion of your car. You are the proud owner…

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10 best amplifiers in a car

It also provides work with an external volume control. The amplifier is connected to the head unit with a pair of standard «tulips» and has a pair of similar outputs for connecting a two-channel amplifier to the rest of the frequency bands. Convenient solution – the fact that all the regulators are brought out to…

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MINI hatchback review

Speed isn’t everything, though, and any MINI hatchback is as much a pleasure to drive in the city as it is on the open road. The latest MINI was introduced in 2014 and has all of these characteristics and more, including a high-quality interior, more interior space than ever before and a line-up of efficient…

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Sass Basics

This can be extremely powerful when working with brand colors and keeping them consistent throughout the site. Sass is smart and will figure it out for you. You can watch and output to directories by using folder paths as your input and output, and separating them with a colon. You don't have to write all…

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Car Stereos Buyer’s Guide

This simple piece of kit allows older stereo models to pick up digital signals, so you’ll be able to enjoy the improved quality and wider range of stations that comes with digital radio. Kenwood has become one of the most famous car audio brands thanks to a wide range of speakers, stereos and add-ons that…

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