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Work Permit Hungary Requirements

This procedure is available to third-country nationals and usually takes 60 days. The work permit is valid for 3 years. As this is a temporary permit, it cannot be extended, but a regular work permit can be requested if the employee remains in Hungary and is employed by the local subsidiary. If you and your employee separate, the work permit will be revoked. – A third-country national holding a valid residence permit has the right to enter without a visa and to stay on the territory of the Schengen Member States for a maximum period of ninety days in any period of one hundred and eighty days. *Documents proving the purpose of the stay • Work permit • Time book • A document attesting to a legal employment relationship Within the framework of the European Union (EU) and the Schengen Agreement, Hungary is an attractive place for companies and talents abroad. However, if your company is planning to open a new location in Hungary, you need to understand the different regulations and laws. For example, do you know how to get a work visa for every foreign employee in Hungary? Residence permit fee: Please contact us for a quote. If the decision of the Regional Directorate is favourable to the application for a residence permit, it shall be considered as an authorisation to issue an entry visa with a view to obtaining a residence permit, of which the competent consular officer must be informed.

The entry visa for obtaining a residence permit is issued by the competent consular officer on the basis of the decision of the Regional Directorate. In the standard case, your employee works directly for your Hungarian company, which can be the Hungarian subsidiary or branch of your company. In this case, the main question is whether your employee is an EU citizen or not. A simplified procedure does not oblige the employer to submit an application for workers when submitting the application for an individual work permit to the employment office or when submitting the application for a joint permit to the immigration service. Each work visa for Hungary has a different application process. For example, some of your employees may be eligible for an EU Blue Card. You must: The administrative fee for the procedure for issuing a residence permit is EUR 60 and must be paid to the diplomatic mission of Hungary mainly in euro or another convertible currency or, in exceptional cases, in the legal tender of the State where the application is submitted. The administrative fee for the procedure is HUF 18,000 if filed in Hungary. The fee for renewing a residence permit is HUF 10,000.

As Hungary is both a member of the European Union (EU) and a party to the Schengen Agreement, different rules and conditions apply to EU/EEA citizens and non-EU/EEA citizens. Foreign nationals from non-EU/EEA countries must apply for a valid work permit and/or visa to work in Hungary. The Minister of National Economy publishes annually the number of work permits that can be issued to foreigners, which is published in the official Hungarian Gazzette (Magyar Közlöny). • A valid passport and/or the authorization required to enter the specified country • A valid return ticket Family members of your future employee can also become residents in Hungary. The process is known as «family reunification» and can usually be initiated after the principal applicant has obtained their work permit. The spouse of the principal applicant and minor children (under 18 years of age) are eligible to apply. Your residence permit is valid for as long as the main applicant`s permit. A third-country national of a visa-exempt country legally residing in Hungary without a visa may submit the residence permit application electronically when registering on the electronic platform of the immigration authority to initiate the procedure. More information on e-government can be found here.