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Winning Tongue Bit Dressage Legal

Kimba Kleinhans – Head throw and shallow breathing – The WTP bit made a big difference to my 4-year-old warmblood. Before using teeth, he was very insecure in the lead car, with constant head movements and shallow breathing. Two days after I introduced him to the WTP bit, everything stopped completely and I noticed that he was much more relaxed in himself while working. A few friends said they also had the same problem with their horses, so I gave them my share to try and they also found amazing results in such a short time (that`s why I keep buying new parts because they were so happy with them that I never got them back, lol). A certain friend also had a problem with her horse bolt and she has since tried the WTP bit, without looking back. The rider and the horse are much happier. I believe the WTP bit has made a significant difference to my horses and the progress of our dressage training. I also recommend this piece to anyone who has a horse, not only is it great for anyone who has problems with their horses, but I found it very soft in the horse`s mouth, making it perfect for everyday use on all older horses. When asked if it could provide the test reports for the WTP bit and STS irons, an FEI spokesperson said it could not hand them over to the Sports Integrity Initiative «for the reasons stated in our statement». The statement referred to concerns the ongoing legal proceedings against Morgante. There is no section 428.3.1.3 in the 2018 version of the Dressage Regulations.

There is also no mention of a ban on bits that «have the effect of a tab plate» as is the case in the 2019 version. It seems that the FEI has adapted its dressage rules to prohibit the use of bites, which have the function of a tongue plate, in international competition. However, Morgante argues that the WTP-NP bit submitted for approval does not have the function of a tongue plate. Only WTP EP has the effect of a tongue plate to prevent horses from putting their tongues on their teeth. Perhaps it is understandable that the FEI, given its seriousness, denies the allegations. He also argues that he has taken legal action against the main promoter of such allegations. However, the Sports Integrity Initiative spoke with other device manufacturers who told a similar story. In addition, despite the request, the FEI did not provide equipment test reports or minutes of meetings verifying the reasons for the refusal of certain dressage and eventing equipment. I bought the ring without WTP for a smoother daily life after buying the WTP ring with jumping brakes and saw how well my horse worked at it.

She can become very strong and grind in a standard bridle and be thin, but she feels so comfortable in the mouth in WTP and remains happy in the ring even after a good gallop. I will now use the WTP pieces for all my training and cross my fingers that they will soon be adapted to dressage! Jenelle Waters – I`ve raced at the World Cup level and I`m an EA coach. I`ve tried many tracks over the years and I`m happy to report that your WTP tracks are absolutely amazing. Since I started using them on my horses, their transformation has been a miracle. Your touch is now soft and responsive, making control so easy. My horses feel comfortable in WTP games. There is no movement of the tongue, which improved breathing. The advantages of WTP tips are brilliant. Horses do not pull or repel bits. You feel completely comfortable physically and emotionally. As a result, they perform better in the plane and jump to a higher level because they now jump regularly and with their heads in the right position to judge the jump.

Other riders commented on the amazing improvement of my horses and I warmly recommended your pieces to them and to all my customers with confidence. I have replaced all my parts and can now confidently say that these are the only parts that will keep my horses in their mouths. In my experience, this new design and technology is the biggest breakthrough for the horse industry and for the welfare of horses. Thank you for making such a difference. **These parts are not currently part of the dressage law, but are being reviewed by the FEI and subsequent bodies for approval** It seems convenient that ongoing legal proceedings for which there is no evidence are the main reason why such reports cannot be published. It is also significant that, despite the allegation that legal action is pending against Morgante, the FEI has not provided any evidence that it has been filed. The threat of legal action can be an effective way to silence complainants. In the 2018 version of the FEI dressage regulations, article 428 of the upholstery does not mention stirrups at all.

The 2019 version not only prohibits a piece that «has the effect of a tongue plate,» but also states that «stirrups and safety stirrups must have closed branches and not fasteners. The foot should not be completely or partially closed and should not be attached to the stirrups (e.g. with magnets). Safety bars must have closed branches. » The revolutionary WTP tips are now available through Bit Bank Australia! A human alternative to tongue bandage! A well-designed racing ring bit with award-winning WTP mouthpiece creates stability and. We have been threatened with legal action by the FEI; However, nothing has happened, because in the event that legal proceedings are initiated, which we welcome, we will use the procedure as an opportunity to summon the relevant documents we are looking for, including test reports that will prove that the FEI has not told the truth. 19. In July 2013, Morgante submitted the WTP bit to the FEI for admission to dressage competitions, but it was rejected on 14 October 2014. In a 2017 statement, the FEI argues that Morgante was informed of the reasons for his decision and was given the opportunity to appeal, which he did not use.

However, Morgante argues that he could not appeal until the FEI had provided him with the reports signed by the equipment working group, which he could appeal. The FEI states that, contrary to Morgante`s claims, the WTP bit has never been approved for use in FEI competitions. The loose ring allows immediate release and relief from tongue and bar pressure. The chisel is immediately returned to a neutral position in the horse`s mouth. The Happy Tongue is a strong spokesperson. * Prevents the horse from wanting to put his tongue on his teeth Aisha O`Donnell – My family bought you 2 pieces of WTP a few weeks ago, one with the tongue plate and one without. Since then I just wanted to say thank you so much because they were amazing and could control our horses more easily. Especially a mare, about which we originally inquired (tongue plate), stopped putting her tongue on her teeth and shaking her head.

Out of 4 Campdraft youth races in the last 2 weekends I had 4 outside scores above 80 and out of 8 races in the last 2 weekends she had 7 outside scores in juvenile, open and novice. With the other mare, which is sometimes more difficult to control when excited since it uses the normal disc bit (NP) on it, it stops in an instant and softens much faster. Last weekend, she also had 2 outside scores above 80. The piece has done wonders for our horses and we want to thank you so much! When we presented 11 more expert opinions to President Ingmar De Vos in June 2018 and the evidence we used to challenge the FEI`s objection in 2016, the FEI accepted photographic evidence showing that the core of the WTP NP bit is smaller or equal in size compared to other bits already approved by the FEI and therefore only serves to: adjust arm movements and cannot control or restrict tongue movements in any way – at least no more than any other bit already approved by the FEI. The FEI subsequently withdrew this appeal and, for no further reason, the FEI has still not approved the NP TBP. Instead of approving the role, Mr De Vos threatened us if we issued more press releases revealing the truth. Peter & Di Jenkyn – The WTP bit was an instant success with our young advanced horse. As part of a double bridle, he managed to mitigate his tendency to open his mouth and withdraw his tongue. It ensures regular and pleasant contact with the flange and should be ideal as a flange or part of a double dentition. Out of consideration for the welfare of the horse, we believe this part should be approved for use in dressage. Every dressage trainer should have one for training purposes.

Vanessa Follent – I recently bought two WTP tips, two loose rings. There was a visible improvement and a noticeable difference from the previous use of a normal flange. I went to a competition on the weekend and used the WTP bit with the normal plate only for dressage and show jumping, and it was absolutely awesome! Clear lap on both days and finished with a 2nd place. The horse was much happier. So I certainly won`t go back to the old bridles. Thank you for a great product. Julia Dungworth – I`ve used the WTP NP Loose Ring bit on some of my horses, namely the one I struggled to fall behind in higher tests. I came out on top of the 8-point dressage at the weekend after using it to win the open middle at Burnham Market. I recently reduced to 6 horses, but I ride full time at all levels. I am also competing in France next week. Thank you very much. It appears that section 428.3.1.3 did not exist prior to the 2019 version of the dressage regulations.

It states: «A flange can have up to two joints. A drum or ball joint is permitted as a central link in a two-way flange, but the surface of the centerpiece must be firm and have no moving parts other than a roller. The central element may be tilted in a different orientation than the mouthpiece, but it must have rounded edges and must not act as a tongue plate. FEI: Over the past 18 months, there has been ongoing communication with Mr. Morgante, including a conference call with him and his legal counsel, reminding them of the possibility of resubmitting the TBP for evaluation with third-party reports or recommendations.