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Ohio Township Zoning Laws

The township manager acts as the township`s zoning officer. All questions related to zoning issues in the community should be directed to the Zoning Officer. The zoning ordinance was updated in August 2012. Click here for a copy of the new Zoning By-law #305. Click here for the current development plan as amended by Order #325 on June 4, 2018. A copy can be purchased for $56.75. The Subdivisions and Planning Ordinance is also available for $11.75. The zoning of Ohio Township is overseen by Inspector Les Smith. If you have any questions about zoning, please call (513) 607-3382. Our goal is to preserve property values and control development by enforcing zoning resolution. The Zoning Hearing Board holds hearings and makes decisions in accordance with the Pennsylvania Municipal Planning Code.

Applications for variances from certain zoning by-laws and information on current fees can be obtained from the municipal office. The Zoning Hearing Board meets as required on the 4th Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. The Zoning Appeal Board is a quasi-judicial body composed of five residents of the Township of Ohio and one alternate appointed by the Board of Directors for a five-year term. These volunteers hear and decide on appeals against administrative zone decisions, requests for derogation and requests for conditional use. This committee shall meet as required. Members: Edward Grove Chris Henderson William Honaker Frank J. Renn Marty Waldeck Assistant: Open COMPLAINTS All complaints regarding a zoning issue must be submitted via the zoning complaint form by clicking on the link above. Please call 330-832-8023 for general zoning and permitting questions. If you have any questions about the rezoning or property detours, please contact Joni Poindexter, Zoning Inspector, at 330-832-8023 ext. 2109 or Robert Lebec, PresidentFrank GrzywinskiJohn L. Sullivan, Jr.

Permit applications and required documents must be submitted electronically. PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW TO SUBMIT A ZONING APPLICATION OR ZONING COMPLAINT REMEMBER TO COMPLETE THE APPLICATION CORRECTLY AND ATTACH YOUR SITE PLAN AND OTHER REQUIRED DOCUMENTS WHEN YOU SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION. Approvals cannot be processed without the right documents. The Commission may meet twice a month. The regular meeting takes place every 3rd Monday of the month and, if necessary, on the 4th Thursday of each month at 19:00. Both meetings were held at the church at 1719 Roosevelt Road, unless otherwise noted. Consists of five residents of the Township of Ohio and one alternate member appointed by the Board of Directors for a five-year term. These volunteers are responsible for reviewing any text and map changes to the zoning decision and making a recommendation before councillors make a final decision on an application. Members: David Bosse Larry Bramlage Cindy Cassell Luke McKeehan Kathy Waldeck Assistant: Ron McGlone The Ohio Township Planning Commission strives to effectively plan and manage growth and development in Ohio Township through sound community planning and development practices. In addition, the Commission coordinates and reviews the overall plan of the canton. A copy of the complete plan can be purchased for $40.75.