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Mental Health Legal Assistance

(415) 252-3805 Responds to and settles complaints from citizens about unsanitary conditions, dangers to public health, nuisance, pests and mold in apartments, private houses and grounds of the Public Housing Authority. Call 617-338-2345, then press 4 or call 1-800-342-9092 (toll-free), then press 4 to hear recording instructions and leave a voicemail requesting legal registration. Recording employees return messages by contacting callers during regular business hours Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The Mental Health Legal Advisors Committee provides information and guidance to those involved in the Massachusetts mental health system through the MHLAC Intake Line. If you need help or advice, you should call the MHLAC hotline and leave a voicemail. People with mental illness deserve help, not handcuffs. Yet people with mental illness are over-represented in our country`s prisons. We need to reduce the involvement of the criminal justice system and increase investment in mental health care. Download our new infographic with new statistics and facts here. The Bazelon Centre achieves its goals through a unique combination of litigation, political advocacy, coalition building and leadership, public education, media relations and technical assistance – a comprehensive approach that ensures the greatest impact. Individuals and families struggling with the challenges of mental illness often experience economic and social challenges. Mental Health Advocates of WNY Legal Services provides pro bono (free) civil law services to help those who get the representation they need.

This booklet outlines the steps you can take to help someone who is going through a psychiatric crisis and needs help. A psychiatric crisis includes, but is not limited to: suicidal or homicidal thoughts and/or behaviors, acute psychotic symptoms, sudden change in mental state, and violence. The steps range from helping a cooperative person to an emergency exam to involuntary admission to hospital. The following resources explain the ALTS model of providing services to people with serious mental illness through living psychiatric wills. (415) 974-6541 – 995 Market Street, Suite 915 Provides free legal and social support services to individuals and families who are homeless or at serious risk of homelessness in San Francisco. MHLAC provides information, professional advice, materials and recommendations. There are no income guidelines just for counselling. Direct representation of people with mental illness is available to a limited extent. MHLAC only represents poor clients in civil matters. The client`s mental health must be a primary factor in the current legal case or relevant to the legal issue. The disease can be perceived and undiagnosed.

(415) 421-2926 – 870 Market Street, Suite 928 Provides mental health information and recommendations, including information on disorder issues, as well as recommendations to independent disorder organizers. Sponsor weekly the support group that accumulates and overloads. Call us for updates on meetings and new programs. (415) 701-1100 – 1663 Mission Street, Suite 500 Provides legal advice to people living with HIV/AIDS in the San Francisco Bay Area. (415) 538-3333 – 995 Market Street, Suite 1400 Provides legal assistance to San Francisco residents of all ages, including adults over 60 and young adults with disabilities. (512) 454-8626 – P.O. Box 140647, Austin, TX 78714 San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of NAPO (415) 281-5681 – P.O. Box 895, Millbrae, CA 94030 Provides information, products and assistance to help others organize their home or business. «Thank you for everything the MHA has done for me (and others). Your team helped me receive disability benefits.

I now live much more comfortably in my «own skin» and I don`t need to try to work. I`m much healthier. A big thank you to all of you. – A.A. Due to high demand and limited resources, we can only respond to requests for assistance in certain legal matters. See below for our case priorities. (415) 543-6222 – 649 Mission Street, 3rd Floor offers housing advice to help people request reasonable accommodations for disorder. Does not provide legal representation.

(510) 267-1200 or (800) 776-5746  1330 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612 Provides free legal information and advice to people with disabilities on various disability-related issues, including discrimination on the way home. The LAAMI (Legal Advocacy for Adults with Mental Illness) program supports people living with mental/behavioral illnesses or at risk of resolving legal issues through a combination of legal and social support.