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MINI hatchback review

Speed isn’t everything, though, and any MINI hatchback is as much a pleasure to drive in the city as it is on the open road. The latest MINI was introduced in 2014 and has all of these characteristics and more, including a high-quality interior, more interior space than ever before and a line-up of efficient yet powerful engines. The Cooper S model is a genuine rival for the Ford Fiesta ST. It still has quite a firm ride – especially on models with larger alloy wheels – but the trade-off for this is a very involving driving experience thanks to very little body roll and quick, precise steering. The dashboard is still packed with character, although a central display screen now takes the place of the speedometer and rev counter – these have moved to be in front of the driver, which we prefer.

New paint colours and wheels are available, as well as a new Multitone roof that shifts from blue to black. Diesels are no longer available, but the MINI Electric is now on sale with up to 145 miles of range between charges. The Sport and Exclusive options cost the same, with the former introducing an aggressive body kit and alloy wheels, and the latter boasting a luxurious leather interior and chrome exterior trim. MINI also fitted an upgraded infotainment system and introduced a heated steering wheel to the options list.

The Shadow Edition gets a black-and-silver colour scheme and exclusive decals. It’s a bit cramped in the back, though”

  • Efficient and powerful engines
  • High-quality interior
  • Great fun to drive
  • Firm ride
  • Expensive to buy
  • Cramped rear seats and boot


p>Since the MINI was resurrected in the early 2000s, it has traded on its characterful, retro design, customisation options and what is often described – both by MINI itself and by those who drive its cars – as ‘go-kart handling’. Once you&#x27;ve chosen an engine and gearbox, you then pick between standard Classic trim or the more expensive Sport and Exclusive. You can personalise the interior until your heart’s content, just like you can with the exterior. Just to add more choice, there’s also a Shadow Edition specification for 2021. No MINI is sparsely equipped, with air-con, cruise control, automatic LED headlamps and an 8.8-inch infotainment screen standard across the range, as well as neat touches like a MINI logo projector built into each door.

Many owners also add extras including parking sensors, cruise control, a sports steering wheel and upgraded wheels. These days, the MINI hatchback is offered in the traditional three-door layout or as a MINI five-door hatchback, which we&#x27;ve reviewed separately. No matter which combination you choose, you don’t have to be driving quickly to enjoy the MINI.

Stick to the MINI’s packs and you shouldn’t spend too much over the list price. It&#x27;s impressively smooth around town and offers almost imperceptible changes at higher speeds – while also boosting fuel efficiency. The upside of the MINI’s high list price is its strong resale values – MINIs hold their value very well thanks to a desirable image and an appealing interior. There are three petrol engines on offer: a 1.5-litre three-cylinder called the One, a more powerful version called the Cooper and a turbocharged 2.0-litre called the Cooper S, plus hardcore John Cooper Works (JCW) models for real driving enthusiasts.

It all looks and feels solid and well built, too, with many components shared with BMW cars – including the interface for the standard 8.8-inch display and iDrive controller. You also get LED exterior lights now, as well as Bluetooth and a DAB radio from the off. Be careful if you want to add optional equipment, as the list is very long and getting carried away can become incredibly expensive.

MINI as a brand finished 19th out of 29 manufacturers. However, if you’re choosing a three-door MINI you probably won’t be too worried about practicality, as there’s now the MINI five-door hatchback and MINI Clubman estate for that.

MINI hatchback review


h2>“The MINI hatchback is stylish and has lots of character, plus it’s cheap to run and enjoyable to drive. A dual-clutch automatic gearbox with seven gears has replaced the old self-shifting six-speed transmission. Another update came in April 2021 to coincide with Hyundai santa fe 2008 in ghana the 20th anniversary of the first ‘new’ MINI rolling off the Oxford production line. Ultimately it’s the image, the style and the driving experience which will matter most to buyers considering a MINI, and the hatchback delivers on all these fronts.

A facelift for 2018 has kept the styling and handling broadly the same, but has added improved technology and novel features, such as Union Flag rear lights, as well as extra personalisation options. Inside, there’s more space than before with plenty of space in the front, but the rear seats remain more cramped than rivals such as the Audi A1 and Ford Fiesta, plus the boot is one of the smallest in its class. Euro NCAP awarded the MINI four stars out of five in crash safety tests, while it finished 59th out of the 75 cars ranked in our 2021 Driver Power owner satisfaction survey of cars currently on sale in the UK.

The grille is much bigger and features a black surround, and the fog lights have made way for vents to cool the brakes. The MINI is pretty well equipped but we’d go for the Cooper model because it also comes with fashionable alloy wheels as standard. It’s been possible in the past to spend the starting price of a MINI One in options, doubling the price of the car.